Incentive Facilities Management

Incentive FM is a dynamic independently owned facilities management company that regularly helps clients save at least 20% from their facilities and maintenance costs, whilst working closely with them to achieve considerable service improvements. Its unique ‘Risk & Reward’ proposition, which is based on cost savings matched against compliance and service delivery goals being achieved, guarantees customers an open and mutually incentivised relationship.

The company has a number of clients in the retail, finance, prestige head office and manufacturing sectors. Working closely with each customer Incentive FM provides a bespoke solution that brings financial value, statutory compliance and business efficiency.

Incentive QAS

Incentive QAS is the contract cleaning arm of the Incentive FM Group, with annual sales in excess of £18.5 million and employing 800 staff around the country. The business continues to expand and we have high ambitions for our very well regarded and progressive company.

Incentive QAS delivers a wide range of cleaning and support services to both the private and public sectors. We engage with our customers directly as a standalone professional service provider or as a specialist sub-contractor working under an umbrella facilities management contract.

The cleaning division of the group started in 2009 when Quality Assured Services Limited joined Incentive Facilities Management Ltd to create the Group. Incentive FM merged its former cleaning business, Incentive Support Services Ltd, into the enlarged Incentive QAS entity to form the business as it is today.

Specialist Window Cleaning

Specialist Window Cleaning was formed in 2010 by Gareth Thomas. The company has since grown to become a national window cleaning provide and operates as part of Incentive FM Group under the SWC brand delivering services for both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS in addition to providing services for its expanding standalone client base.

Gareth’s vision was to offer clients something special in terms of innovation, quality and customer service.

Incentive Tec

Incentive FM Group announced the launch of Incentive Tec. The creation of this brand follows the recent acquisitions by Incentive FM Group of two building services M&E companies: ‘Comserve’ and ‘ACE’, and their successful integration into the group structure. The seamless integration of the two technical businesses during 2016 has only been possible thanks to the cooperation and dedication of employees within Comserve and ACE.

Incentive Consultancy

The consultancy arm of the Incentive FM Group is both focal and highly important to the wider organisation. Our consultancy operations started by client invitation back in 2002 when we were asked to help Bluewater Shopping Centre with a TFM retendering project. This unexpected approach led to a successfully completed project and we provide on – going support and auditing services to this prestigious business to this day. From that start point we have consistently been delivering a variety of consultancy projects across multiple business sectors and in 18 counties. Our case studies and classic areas of service and client support are noted below, and we continue to provide this exciting service in a style that is markedly different to our consultancy competition – and in all cases without any conflict of interest to our service delivery offerings within the Group.

Incentive Carbon Management


Sustainably can no longer be viewed as a ‘nice thing to do’, it is a commercial imperative to be planned for and managed just like any other business process. A lower carbon economy is a certainty in the mid to long term. As fossil fuels run out and are replaced by other forms of energy: organisations of all sizes need to manage that transition.

Incentive Carbon Management are able to assist you with all of your Carbon Management needs.

Incentive Tec Fire & Security

Incentive Tec Fire & Security Systems was formed in January 2018, following the acquisition of the WES group by Incentive FM Group.  The WES Group is a well-established family-run business that has traded for over 35 years providing a first-class reliable service in all fields of Fire and Security.

Incentive Tec, part of the Incentive FM Group is a well-established family-run business that has traded for over 32 years providing a first class reliable service in all fields of electrical and mechanical contracting.