Incentive FM has achieved SIA “Pacesetter” status

Incentive FM has achieved SIA “Pacesetter” status

Incentive FM has achieved “Pacesetter” status under the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), after being benchmarked in the top 15 per cent of 830 accredited security guarding companies.

The ACS Pacesetters scheme was introduced to simplify the tender process for end-users by emphasising the importance of benchmarked scores in an annual assessment of security providers.

Commenting on the announcement, Glenn Wilson, Incentive FM operations director, said:

“We have worked hard to deliver the results needed to become part of this elite club.

A fantastic 11 per cent year-on-year audit score increase exceeded the target we set ourselves and this recognition is extremely important to us in a vital part of the FM sector. It will give both existing and potential customers a clear sign of the excellent service we provide and reassure our staff that we are a good and caring employer.”

The Nottingham Building Society Renews Contract With Incentive FM

The Nottingham Building Society Renews Contract With Incentive FM

Nottingham Building Society (NBS) has renewed its contract with Incentive FM for a further 3-year term which includes the remit to include its recently expanded network. The deal is worth in excess of £4 million and builds on a 16-year partnership that has consistently delivered high standards and improved efficiencies.

Under the new contract Incentive FM, one of the UK’s leading independent facilities management companies, will continue to handle the facilities management for all NBS locations, constituting over 68 buildings located in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire.

The fully integrated solution includes all cleaning, security, M&E, building fabrication and maintenance services. In addition, Incentive FM will support all health and safety, fire safety, and water safety requirements across the portfolio. The operation will continue to be supported by a web hosted CAFM help desk system (Concept Evolution) to enable all personnel access to information about asset management and service requirements to further improve communication flows.

Tim Neal, Premises & Facilities Manager at NBS, said:

“It is important that our building portfolio is efficiently managed, creating a good environment for both our staff and customers. Over the past 16 years Incentive FM has proven that they not only understand the importance of this but also have the skills and knowledge to achieve it to support our ongoing growth.”

Glenn Wilson, Operations Director at Incentive Facilities FM, said:

“This contract renewal and extension demonstrates our ability to form long term relationships, delivering ongoing improvements and driving up standards.”

The Incentive FM Leadership Team tackle Ben Nevis

The Incentive FM Leadership Team tackle Ben Nevis

The Incentive FM Leadership Team have now completed preparations for our ‘Twin Peaks’ charity hike this year.

In March 2018 we took on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon which we took in our stride and raised £4,748 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers. So this year we thought we would go one better and :

Double the Mountain, Double the Altitude, Double the Smiles

On May 2019 were hiking up Ben Nevis which is 4,412 ft to the summit and we set off at midnight and walk in the darkness for 6-7 hours, then driving to the Lake District to Climb Scafell Pike which is 3,210ft to the summit and takes about 5 hours. Once again we are raising money for our charity partner Scotty’s Little Soldiers and our target is double the amount we raised climbing up Snowden. We’re aiming to raise £9,496

Incentive FM Group – Brexit Update

Incentive FM Group – Brexit Update

As a business we continue to keep fully up to date with the probable and possible impacts of the UK’s decision to leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

EU Settlement Scheme – As mentioned in previous updates our primary concerns has always been for our staff from the other 27 EU nations that work hard in our business and for our clients every day. The uncertainty the Brexit process has provided over the last few years has been both unwelcome and unsettling for all. I am pleased to see that today the government has launched the pilot scheme for the right to apply for ‘settled status’ for anyone from the EU who has lived and worked in the UK for 5 years. This will be extended to anyone with less than 5 years through the ‘pre settled’ process right up until the end of December 2020. The government has announced this afternoon that all applications for both will be without a fee and I would encourage all of our staff to apply when the full scheme opens on 30th March 2019. Any of our staff that need help with the process will be supported by both local and national management where required. It will be good for all to have this major issues finally resolved and we can have certainty that the rights of our staff to stay and work with us in the UK are fully protected.

Supply Chain & Legislation – I recently chaired a meeting of my Group Leadership Team in which the supply of goods and services from the EU to us was reviewed to ensure that our clients will not be impacted by any version of a no deal or managed Brexit. I was pleased to hear that, as expected, there will be limited impact or no impact from a managed exit and there is also limited risk with a no deal outcome. We have no major exposure on supply chain and where our suppliers are sourcing products from the EU we have had confirmation that where necessary mitigation planning has occurred to ensure consistent supply. We have had little or no increases in cost directly associated with this planning and we will work with our supply partners to mitigate in this area.

The unknown – Obviously the planning we have made and the areas we have considered are the known areas. It is very difficult for us to plan for all eventualities as many of the scenarios are unknown at this time. For instance we believe there will be either a delayed or orderly exit from the EU and therefore at this point we have not considered the impact of major unknowns such the impact on the wider economy, the currency exchange rates, interest rates etc. There are then the more extreme outcome such as civil unrest which at this point we have decided not to plan for. I think like all other businesses we will have to deal with these changes and scenarios if and when they occur or plan when we have further clarity of the direction the exit will take.

Our number one concern over Brexit was always the impact the process would have on the talented people who work for us. The process last two years has been unsettling not only for our staff from the EU but also their colleagues from the UK and wider world. We will continue to monitor the progress of the exit process and its likely impact on our staff, our business and the services we supply to our clients. We will give further updates as and when any significant relevant information is available.

The Incentive Charity Ball Returns

The Incentive Charity Ball Returns

The Incentive Charity Ball returns to Sheffield to raise vital funds once more

Members of Sheffield’s business community have been invited to don their finest attire and put their best foot forward for a charity ball next month. The event will take place on Friday 22nd March at The Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Sheffield Park.

The charity ball, which this year will have a Las Vegas theme, has been organised by leading facilities management company Incentive FM. It aims to beat last year’s fundraising total of £16K, which will be split between two charities: Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Cash for Kids.

Over 250 national and local leaders from the facilities management sector and wider business community will enjoy a three-course dinner followed by dancing to live music and then a disco until 1am. A magician will be there for added entertainment and a blind and silent charity auction and raffle will also be held to raise funds for the two charities.

Glenn Wilson, Operations Director at Incentive FM Group, said:

“This is the 5th year we have hosted this event and each time the local business community has shown how generous they are. Last year’s ball was a huge success, raising much needed funds for charities in the local area and this year is looking to be even better!”

Tickets are available at £67.50 per person or £600 for a table of 10 and can be reserved by contacting the organisers at or by visiting our website at

AGFA extends contract with Incentive FM

AGFA extends contract with Incentive FM

Agfa Graphics, a leading supplier of digital printing solutions for a wide range of printing applications, has extended its contract with Incentive FM until 2023. The deal, worth in excess of £3.4 million, reflects the strong partnership between the two businesses who have worked collaboratively together since 2010, delivering strong levels of cost control and continuous improvement in service levels.

Incentive FM will remain responsible for providing services to the company’s manufacturing site in Leeds, delivering all cleaning, security, building and grounds maintenance and waste management.  The scope also includes all goods in and out, some mechanical & electrical services, warehousing and catering.

Glenn Wilson, Operations Director at Incentive FM, said:

“The fact that Agfa’s global procurement team chose not to put this valuable contract out for tender and go into a direct negotiation is testament to the strength of our partnership. They felt we had a compelling case that proves the benefits that can be delivered as a result of a long, successful, and transparent relationship.”

Andrew Lodge, Plant Maintenance & Engineering Manager at Agfa, commented:

“Incentive FM has supported us very well over the last eight years, contributing to the success of our business by working with Agfa staff to ensure that our site is clean, safe, secure, and running smoothly. Our businesses share a similar culture with a strong focus on the importance of the people that work for us, which is a good foundation for our partnership.”

Martin Read on Leadership

Martin Read on Leadership

Many leaders labour under the misapprehension that they’re better than their team thinks they are. Don’t fall into the same trap, says Martin Reed.

The traits of a leader

The traits of a great leader are vision, passion, optimism and, most of all, integrity. These traits form the building blocks of trust between you and your team. It isn’t about the leader seeking glory or basking in the limelight; rather, it’s about making their teams happy and productive.

Don’t seek the limelight

Take football manager Jose Mourinho as an example. He’s always giving interviews and putting himself at the forefront of everything. Compare him with Dave Brailsford – the general manager of six times Tour de France-winning Sky Cycling Team – who focuses his efforts on supporting his team. Bad leaders are only interested in what their peers (and public) think of them, rather than their teams.

Pass on the responsibility 

It’s essential that great business leaders make sure they pass on the responsibility of leadership through their teams at all levels and don’t just see themselves as ‘the leader’.

Research carried out by anthropologist Professor Robin Dunbar suggests that the human brain has a finite ability to hold down only 147 real relationships and, if half of those are personal, I can only hold around 70 work-related relationships.

In a business of more than 3,200 staff and hundreds of clients we need leaders at every level if we are to connect not just with our staff, but also with clients, suppliers and wider stakeholders.

The vision for our business is “to have staff who love working for us and clients who love working with us”, and we don’t focus on being the biggest or most well known. This has worked well for us.

Set the example at the top

My job is to behave and be seen to be a great leader so the other leaders at every level in our business can have a reference point to be great leaders in their own right.

Most leaders think they are better than their teams think they are. There is little data on this, but it is my experience. So how do I determine if my leadership skills are up to the job? Well, you can’t really get quantifiable feedback through surveys, for example, but you can get a feeling of the effectiveness of your leadership through small interactions with your team.

Be seen as an ally

It sounds strange, but you know when people truly see you as their leader when they don’t see you as a leader. My team members trust me to help them through the tough times and they seek my counsel when they have problems. They know they can count on me for support.

However, I know when people don’t see me as a leader – it is when they hide things from me and only tell me the good stuff, until they have absolutely no choice but to share the bad news. This is a sign that they don’t trust me and so I have to make sure I give them reasons to do so. Often, they have had bad experiences in previous companies where they may have seen a different leadership approach.

Find your inspiration – and a bit of perspective

If I am looking for inspiration, I talk to a friend of mine who is a senior nurse who heads a team in a children’s hospital. She has to lead in extremely stressful situations.

When things are bad, she has to lead by example and her integrity is core to her beliefs. If her team members don’t trust her, the results could be catastrophic. When I am having a bad day because the latest bid we tendered for didn’t go our way I speak to her to put my working life into perspective!

Martin Reed is CEO at Incentive FM Group 

Facilities Magazine

Incentive Client Christmas Drinks Party

Incentive Client Christmas Drinks Party

We enjoyed a lively clients and friends drinks party at Hixter bankside on Tuesday evening. Aside of the great company, we were entertained with a jazzy musical collection with a Christmas twist from Alison Wheeler in her Trio format. Pop aficionados will know that Alison was lead vocalist of The Beautiful South from 2003 onwards. Mark Hix’s Hixter Bankside Bar was the funky venue that added to the lively atmosphere and it was great to see so many friends and clients attending – some for the first time, yes we do it every year!

In a fit of mad generosity we were presented by the management with a mega bottle of the red wine we had been drinking – Tonnix, this is a Portuguese blend from the Douro Valley using the same grapes found in Port. Out Melchior (18 litres or 24 normal bottles in one) is on display in our office – I wonder when we will have an excuse to drink it?

Martin Reed shares his thoughts on the impact of Brexit to the industry

Martin Reed shares his thoughts on the impact of Brexit to the industry

Martin Reed, Group Chief Executive Officer: 

Within the service industry, there has, quite rightly, been a lot of discussion about the potential skills and people crisis that might be a result of any Brexit deal. In particular, there is much speculation on the impact it will have on finding recruits for the lower paid, non-skilled roles. There is no doubt that in recent years the industry has struggled to recruit homegrown workers and has come to rely heavily on European workers. The uncertainty does not help and neither does the fact that whatever the outcome of negotiations, there will likely be tougher immigration rules, which will make it harder for firms to hire migrant labour, and make those migrants already living in the UK consider whether they should continue living in the country.

There is another real area for concern, however, that is getting fewer headlines and that is the supply chain and its associated rise in costs, which will inevitably impact our sector. New research from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) indicates that nearly one third (32%) of UK businesses with EU suppliers have already increased their prices as a result of the June 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU. This is understandable as they have little choice if they are to protect their profit margins and remain solvent, whilst consumers will ultimately decide if they want to swallow the extra costs or not buy.

In service sectors such as facilities management, however, I fear that it is the suppliers that will bear the brunt of these increases, which may end up being catastrophic in an industry known for its low margins. Whilst labour is by far the biggest cost for companies in the sector, we are also responsible for the purchase of a wide range of consumables, such as cleaning products and toilet paper, which can run into tens of thousands of pounds. For our mechanical and electrical maintenance service business, Incentive Tec, the cost of equipment and parts, for example for heating, venting and air-conditioning systems, is considerably higher. 

The majority of these products are manufactured in Europe, often Eastern Europe, where production costs have traditionally been lower. Whilst nothing is certain, it makes sense that these products will become more expensive and possibly subject to additional customs and tariffs.

So, who will bear these increased costs of products and people? In simple terms, it depends on the terms of your contracts. At Incentive FM, the vast majority of our contracts are ‘open book’, which basically means we charge everything at cost, plus a management fee. This essentially protects us from ‘unexpected’ increases in costs and the responsibility for this falls to the client. As a result, we will need to work closely with them to identify efficiencies to offset those cost increases.

The real impact will be on companies that offer fixed cost contracts that operate over a number of years. Generally, these types of agreements contain strict clauses about what, if any, increases in costs will be covered. A raise in UK VAT, for example, would be covered, but I doubt there are many Brexit clauses. Of course, there are some clients who will feel morally obliged to at least contribute towards this, but equally, there will be others that won’t. With margins in some sectors on low single figures, this could be, at best, damaging.

Of course, it might be possible to argue that Brexit triggered a change in legislation that could not reasonably have been predicted. Companies that are affected will probably need to look at ways to recoup this money, however. For new contracts and those being negotiated now, it is vital that companies seek to include clauses that offer them protection from the uncertainty of Brexit and protect themselves from open-ended cost increases.

In conclusion, the facilities management industry is often a key target for cost reduction during times of economic uncertainty. I think we need to brace ourselves for more contracts being re-negotiated and downwards pressure on pricing. This can be seen as an opportunity, although my experience is that during these times projects and investment are put on hold. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, I think we are in for some challenging times.

SOURCE: Ready for Brexit 

2019 Incentive FM Charity Ball

2019 Incentive FM Charity Ball

This years Incentive FM charity ball will take place on Friday 22nd March 2019 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, in support of Cash for kids and Scotty’s little soldiers.


 DoubleTree by Hilton Sheffield Park, S8 8BW

Drinks Reception From 6.30pm, bar closes at 1am

Event details

Entertainment * 3 Course Meal * Charity Auction * Raffle * Live Band * Close up Magician * Disco * Casino

Dress code: Black Tie /Cocktail Dresses Ticket prices: £67.50 per person & £600 per table of 10

Rooms: £90 single / £107 double To reserve your ticket please contact: or


For your invitation please click here

Purple Tuesday at Incentive FM

Purple Tuesday at Incentive FM

Across our Incentive FM sites our wonderful teams have proudly been supporting  Purple Tuesday!

The aim of Purple Tuesday is to make customer-facing businesses more aware of these opportunities and challenges and inspire them to make changes to improve the disabled customer experience over the long term.

The Team at Bluewater Shopping Centre are in full support of  Purple Tuesday. Bluewater Shopping Centre is the first centre in the UK to achieve Disability Confident level 3 status!

The team at Shrewsbury Shopping centre, have been busy supporting Purple Tuesday. To mark the day, the centre’s security and cleaning staff have committed to undergo further disability awareness training and wear purple armbands.


For more information please visit –