Incentive FM in Police partnership

Incentive FM in Police partnership

Incentive FM has become nationally accredited on the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS).

CSAS, a voluntary scheme, sees chief constables accredit employed people already working to improve community safety with limited but targeted powers. The scheme was created to develop a framework for public and private bodies to partner with the police to provide additional uniformed presence in communities. Specific security employees of Incentive FM will now be available for CSAS appointment, capitalising on their skills and engagement within the community to assist police activity.

 Andrew Robbins, Associate Director of Security and Risk at Incentive FM, said: 

“It’s a privilege to join the CSAS initiative and work with the police to prevent and deter crime and disorder. Our security teams are invaluable ambassadors to business and the wider community. There will now be a strict selection process for security officers who will then undergo training by a CSAS accredited provider, and in some cases, the police will deliver the training directly. When our security officers are trained, they will be given authority by the relevant Chief Constable to have specific powers to help the police tackle crime and disorder.”

Since starting in 2002, CSAS has incorporated the services of neighbourhood wardens, hospital security guards, park wardens, shopping mall security officers, and train guards. CSAS accredited persons within Incentive FM will carry official identification badge endorsed by the local police force on their uniform. The scheme has benefitted local communities with an increased uniformed presence on the streets, saving valuable police time to tackle with low-level crime and disorder.

With greater business involvement with the police, the scheme allows police officers to influence the training of Incentive FM to develop a two-way exchange of information and intelligence between both agencies. When a Chief Constable accredits a person with powers under paragraph 1 of schedule 5 of the Police Reform Act 2002, he or she may also choose whether to give the accredited person the power to issue fixed penalty notices.

Robbins added: 

“As a business we will look to have an incremental roll out of the scheme across key locations to further enhance the solutions we provide to our clients. All schemes are managed, monitored and assessed at a local level by the responsible police force.”


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Thank you key workers!

Thank you key workers!

We are so very proud of all our people who are facing up to the challenge of Covid-19 in whatever way possible. We all have our part to play and whether you are adhering to the request to stay at home or providing service to clients ranging from offices to hospitals this time is frustrating, worrying and in some instances frightening.  We will do everything in our power to make your work as safe as possible and we salute you all for your efforts.

In the spirit of applause for NHS staff each Thursday the Managers and Directors of Incentive FM Group would like to say Thanks’ to you in the best way we can.

Lots of love to you all and stay safe!


The Evolution of Commercial Security

The Evolution of Commercial Security

Martin Reed, Chief Executive at Incentive FM Group, explores how priorities and methods when delivering effective commercial security have changed over recent years.

The challenge of delivering commercial security has seen significant changes, with many providers now struggling to play catch up. Priorities around securing members of the public, staff, high profile buildings and large open spaces have irreversibly shifted with an increased threat of terrorism and violence. Coupled with the constantly evolving environmental challenges, a tough economic backdrop is also forcing security providers to work within testing budgets. Big security decisions are being made in unchartered territories and a holistic approach is now imperative for a successful and safe operation.

How has the environment changed?

Historically, security solutions were driven by a main objective to stop theft and prevent damage to products and assets. Of course, for retail and public spaces, issues such as theft have not gone away, with organised retail crime (groups of criminals stealing merchandise, data or cash from retailers) accounting for £562m in commercial losses last year. However, the last decade has seen security strategies also having to incorporate and prioritise the wider safety and security of people and assets. The Institute of Economics and Peace has estimated that the direct cost of terrorism to the global economy in 2014 was $52.9 billion – a ten-fold increase since 2000 – with the indirect costs at $105 billion.

“The balance between providing a holistic security service and remaining operationally effective has never been tighter. This is where recruiting smartly and investing wisely help to steady the ship.”

Currently, the national level of terrorist threat is deemed ‘substantial’ by MI5, which has resulted in facilities management companies playing a vital role in planning and preparing for potential incidents. As a specialist facilities management provider, companies like Incentive FM Group are also tasked with preparing for a change in the threat level from ‘substantial’ to ‘critical’. As this threat of terrorism fluctuates, the stages of preparing and implementing security protocol in public spaces have to be agile enough to predict risk and adapt, with the sufficient technological capabilities to counteract any threat.

As security services face up to these new challenges, leadership teams are simultaneously having to decipher appropriate reductions to stay afloat. The balance between providing a holistic security service and remaining operationally effective has never been tighter. This is where recruiting smartly and investing wisely help to steady the ship.

Building the right team

The relevant skillset for security professionals, like in any industry, changes with the landscape. New threats require new solutions and the private market has to respond accordingly. As the threat of terrorism and violence increases, it is vital for specialists to recruit professionals who have a focus on vigilance and negotiation skills over the historical security characteristics of physical ability alone. Technological insight, attention to changing details, identifying threats, decision making, mitigating risk, and the ability to continually review security measures are just some of the skills needed in the modern security environment. As is using the wider service team such as cleaning staff which, as an integrated service provider comes naturally to us, but can be a different way of working for single service security providers.

Finding the right balance between sustaining a no-nonsense presence that reduces threat, whilst also ensuring the customer experience is welcoming and positive, is a modern pressure. One of the key assets to holistic security methodology is the recruitment and appointment of an eclectic range of skilled people with different backgrounds. To tackle a diverse problem that is ever-changing, a diverse team is needed; both customer-facing and office-based.

Being part of wider industry bodies, such as the SIA Pacesetter group, can also help to share best practice and improve practices and methodologies for our current environment.

Mitigating the risk of rising knife-crime

There is no doubt that the risk to retail staff from knife attacks is on the rise. The recent ACS 2019 crime report revealed that a knife was used in 68% of violent shop incidents involving a weapon; up from 64% in 2018 and 32% in 2017. As knives also increasingly become a weapon of choice for terrorists, a security plan has to incorporate the different scenarios where a blade or sharp object can pose a threat to staff and/or customers. There is no one size fits all approach to a problem like knife-crime. Smart investment in both personnel and technology is what determines how successful security solutions are in the face of a rising knife-crime problem.

A proactive approach to the identification and management of risk now has to be the default security position over simply providing a reactive ‘body of service’. The relationship between the security provider and the client is more important than ever. Our approach is to position the relationship as a partnership from day one. This is the only way to fully address the unique risks to a business and provide comprehensive, bespoke and reliable security solutions in a tough and rapidly evolving environment.


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Kent Police Authority

Kent Police Authority


Kent Police Authority is a large Police force covering a county that has many difficult challenges, from the very busy docks at Dover and Folkestone to the issues that arise from the Channel Tunnel. Smuggling and immigration issues are the predominant features with these specific areas of the county, which puts added strain on an already busy force.

Incentive QAS provide daily and emergency response cleaning services to approximately 60 police operated locations across the County covering in excess of 40 geographic locations.

The services include daily cleaning of the police stations, training college and sports facilities in addition to emergency deep cleaning of cells and vehicles, scene of crime cleaning, carpet cleaning, washroom services and annual window cleaning.


Since the initial contract award in 2004, this contract has broadened to meet the challenges and needs of Kent Police Authority and its demanding role as guardians of Kent and its people. Whilst the force itself has downsized it’s property portfolio and back office staff, the front line is increasingly busy and these factors have knock on effects to the services we provide.

The rise in illegal immigration, smuggling, terrorism and sheer volume of traffic passing through Kent, and Dover in particular, has put a huge strain on the force and seen many more people being processed through the police system.


Having worked closely with the Kent Police Authority since 2004 (initially for a seven year contract followed by a new 5+2 year agreement being awarded in 2011 following competitive tender) we recognise that the key to success on this contract is flexibility.

Our contract dedicated account manager has been in place since 2005 and maintains regular dialogue with the key stakeholders throughout the Police network to ensure we are fully appraised of upcoming events, potential hotspots of activity or building closures.

We train our staff in the unique cleaning methods required for such challenging environments and have implemented a number of innovative solutions to the varied problems faced, such as robust emergency response procedures, helpdesk facilities and the management of a large staff resource

As an added value element we have introduced a decontamination cleaning process to custody suites, cars and crimes scenes, which forms part of the daily cleaning routine as well as the emergency response requirement. This has streamlined the cleaning services provided to Kent Police Authority and given them a more flexible service.

Of the 60 plus staff on the contract, approximately 30% are always available for reactive and short lead call-outs. Such is the harmony and willingness to support each other, as well as the client, that any number of staff will make themselves available to help if required.

One Canada Square

One Canada Square

At One Canada Square we are responsible for the cleaning of all common areas, washrooms and lift lobbies across all 50 floors of the 770 ft
multi-tenanted building. This includes responsibility for the lobby which is 36 feet (11m) high and clad in 90,000 square feet (8,000 m2) of marble and has a restaurant and bar. Other services include all waste segregation for the building tenants plus secure shredding.

A team of 40+ full time employees operate 24/7 to ensure that the 10,000 people who work in the building, along with members of the general public that have access to the ground floor, foyer area and basement levels, can enjoy a clean and safe environment. The team on site include a dedicated periodic team which will provide ongoing specialist cleaning to specific areas.

In addition to the landlord demise contract we also provide a range of cleaning services for the Canary Wharf Group head office which is located in the building.

The Contract
• Commenced service delivery November 2019 for 3 years.
• Contract Value £4m.
• No. of Employees 40+.
• Cleaning, Periodic Cleaning, Washroom Hygiene, Waste Management.

Green Apple Awards

Green Apple Awards

We are very proud to announce that the Swan Centre has been awarded with a Green Apple Gold Award for environmental best practice. This year’s presentation was held at the Houses of Parliament.

The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.

Well done team! 🍏


Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

By Jeremy Waud, Chairman at Incentive FM Group

It has been suggested that ‘the only thing that is constant is change’ – which perhaps is a fair observation for the wider facilities management and contract service industry in 2019. So what are the main influencers and disruptors of the moment?

Stability of Competitors

It cannot have escaped the attention of many that big names in our sector have got themselves into trouble over the last year. These include: Carillon’s collapse into the warm and friendly arms of its bankers; Mitie’s long spell of enforced restructuring; Interserve’s ‘Pre-Pack’ to a new owning company to avoid a complete collapse; and Kier are in the news and under the microscope. A number of smaller single service companies have also gone out of business as a result of a tough market which we consider to be largely driven by the factors below:

Politics and the Economy

The majority of our politicians have clearly never run a business and may not have ever even run for a bus! Yet, they are empowered to decide on the health and direction of our nation, whether in Europe or out and it seems to make little difference which party, or which Prime Minister is at the helm. It has been a shambolic year which has not helped businesses one iota. The lack of clarity or certainty for our clients across a wide spectrum of sectors has been an unhelpful side effect of Brexit, and is reflected in the incredulity with which we are viewed from overseas. Our customers are understandably nervous, uncertain and risk averse at every turn, which is not a healthy backdrop to try and operate in front of and to make investment decisions within.

Friend or Foe?

Another major change of the past year has been the effect of some of the major global surveying organisations diversifying into service delivery. For example, CBRE acquired skills and capability in the mechanical and electrical maintenance sector for the buildings it manages through the acquisitions of Norland and Johnson Controls GWS. These skills, now wrapped under the parent branding, are changing the way it chooses to deliver services to its managed properties and it is not clear where this will this end up.

Similarly, JLL made the significant M&E acquisition last year of Integral. These businesses are indeed friends of ours and big customers as are other major surveyors, notably Savills, who this year acquired the property management business of Broadgate Estates from British Land.  All the while these organisations buy from us in sensible volumes, we will not be entering the property management market – hence we are all friends and not foes.

Procurement Trends

We are of course a big service delivery organisation, employing more than 3,200 staff in the process. We therefore spend a large part of our time on the receiving end of procurement departments and specialists with differing levels of appreciation of what we do and what needs to be done. Buyers are largely charged with the responsibility of delivering even better value for their ultimate clients.  Longer term viability and operational reality can often be a secondary consideration. This drive comes from economic pressure, opportunism and of course good practice, as defined by corporate governance and the likes of the RICS in the challenging retail sector. Our consultancy business, along with other specialists in this sector, helps many high-profile companies with their procurement strategies and processes. Having specialist FM procurement, such as Incentive Consultancy, can help to understand and bridge the gap from ‘generic’ buying practices to a 360-degree view of the challenges from all sides.

Commercial Sanity

None of the above drivers or disruptors make for higher contractor margins, in fact quite the opposite. The result is too much risk exposure and cash management pressure being levelled on the contractors in the sector, so much so that you can almost hear the pips squeaking!

The challenge for the market going forward is to not be backed into the corner at every turn, but to deliver attractive, creative and mould breaking service delivery solutions that share risk with the clients and intermediaries.

So a final message to all those who think contractors can operate within the 5-10% gross margin space, take high risks, be paid at 60 days, employ all of the semi and lower skilled staff that are needed in their operation and then invest in all manner of skills, experts and technological advances – please get real and think again. Thank you.

IFM News –

Purple Tuesday

Purple Tuesday

Several of our sites took part in supporting purple Tuesday this week. Purple Tuesday is a day which was created to bring improvement, value and awareness to disabled customers.
Across the UK, the Purple Pound – the consumer spending power of disabled people and their families is worth £249 billion and is rising by an average of 14% per annum. Worldwide the Purple Pound equates to a staggering £2.25 trillion, yet less than 10% of businesses have a targeted plan to access this market.
The photos show 3 of our sites taking part which include Bluewater, Broughton Shopping Park and Clarks Village.
Bluewater is the first UK shopping centre to achieve the status of Disability Confident Leader. To support retailers, they produced a pocket guide which provides practical hints designed to support retail staff in becoming more confident in providing good customer service to disabled customers. We are thrilled to announce that Bluewater have also recently introduced hidden disability sunflower lanyards. These lanyards indicate that the wearer has a hidden disability and may require additional assistance when visiting (e.g. hard of hearing, dementia etc).
European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards Winners

European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards Winners

We are so proud to announce that Incentive QAS were winners at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards last night in the Sustainability Category.

Jamie Wright, Managing Director at Incentive QAS, said:

“We are committed to sustainable business and do whatever we can to improve the impact we have on the environment, our staff and the wider community whilst providing our service on a daily basis. We do this with the support of our suppliers, customers, business partners and consumers who have all contributed to this award.”

Loo of the Year Awards 2019

Loo of the Year Awards 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Broughton Shopping Park has been awarded platinum status and entered into the final for the 2019 Loo of the Year Awards. At Incentive we run the cleaning and security services for the shopping centre and we are so proud of our team for achieving this.

Swan Shopping Centre in Eastleigh have just been awarded Diamond Loo Of The Year, The new level of award for 2019 will supplement the Platinum award and focus on the highest standards of cleaning, special facilities for babies, children and those who need Changing Places or Space to Change toilet facilities – the provision of facilities to meet all user’s needs. In particular the winning report highlights the excellent work undertaken by Dawn Smith and she is mentioned by name in our judges report. Well done Dawn and Team Swan.

Grade, 2 Platinum for The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol after The Changing Places and toilet facilities provided for guests were inspected by judges from the Loo of the Year Awards with unannounced visit between July and September. In addition to the platinum grade, inspectors also gave Incentive FM Housekeeping Team a special certificate for the outstanding high standards of cleanliness they maintain. We are now considered for major Awards at a prestigious ceremony at the St. John’s Hotel in Solihull on 6th December 2019.

Well done to all!

Incentive Consultancy Brochure

Incentive Consultancy Brochure

Our consultancy business started in 2003 and has evolved through client demand and need across a range of disciplines that have been of great help to our clients. The reviews and restructures vary considerably but have the common theme of improved efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The Howard Centre contract win

The Howard Centre contract win

We have been awarded a three year dual service contract by Savills. Located at The Howard Centre in Welwyn Garden city.

The deal is worth more than £1.5m and brings together two of our teams Incentive Lynx and Incentive QAS.

The Howard Centre is situated in the heart of the town centre. It attracts around 8m visitors a year. The centre provides 230,000 sq ft of space set across two levels, with tenants such as Marks & Spencer, Boots and Next.

We will provide a manager responsible for 10 security guards and seven cleaners, providing an efficient, integrated approach.

Shaun Wall, manager at The Howard Centre, said:

“Incentive FM Group not only has the right expertise and skills to support us, but they also share our commitment to developing their people. This like-minded approach was key in our decision to award them this contract.”