Pall – Corporation

Pall – Corporation

Pall Corporation is the largest and most diverse filtration, separations and purification company in the world. Its technical expertise, product portfolio and global reach are unmatched. In 2004 Pall outsourced its machine tool maintenance to Incentive FM after a whole market review.

Pall required Incentive FM to establish a maintenance solution, increase productivity, reduce machine down time, improve service levels & subcontractor management, reduce accounts & administration burden, analyse existing procurement arrangements, meet cost reduction objectives, support & manage processes to maintain client held OHSAS18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

The Incentive FM team applied its expertise in staff, financial and contract management to provide a solution that supports all of the above mentioned objectives and, through increasing operational efficiency, Incentive FM has achieved significant cost savings for Pall.  The maintenance costs have seen a reduction of 15% whilst service levels have been improved to achieve a down time of less than 1%.  The bought ledger transaction for Pall was also significantly reduced.


Services Delivered:

  • Machine tool maintenance
  • Aero & medical maintenance support
  • Critical spares supply & management
  • Cleaning services
  • Security & visitor services
  • Helpdesk facility
  • CDM project management
  • Contractor control
  • General & hazardous waste


“Incentive FM is not just a service provider, they are our partner. They are engaged, flexible and always willing to adapt to changing situations and workloads.”

Morley Hooper 
Aerospace Operations Director 

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