Operations Manager of the Year Steve Salisbury!

Operations Manager of the Year Steve Salisbury!

SCEPTRE Awards winner – Operations Manager of the Year 

Steve Salisbury Crystal Peaks, Sheffield

Equipment and processes are only as effective as the operators behind them. To ensure the best possible results from all of Crystal Peak’s initiatives, charity work and marketing promotions, the team that must be motivated, capable and enthusiastic. The team are always the starting point.

To achieve this Steve Salisbury provides coaching and mentoring in the workplace and support outside. He ensures that tailored training is delivered by internal and external providers and has developed a robust succession plan to increase resiliency across all departments.

Customer service is not just a department – it drives everything the Crystal Peaks team does. Steve understands that to be successful a shopping centre must not limit its customer service provision to the scheme – it must extend out to the local community via charity and local project involvement. He has guided the charity fundraising team and participated in events raising over £11,000 for good causes.

Operationally he manages a wide range of maintenance projects around the constraints and restrictions that being based in a residential area poses with regards to noise and working time. Over £2,000 of savings were made by introducing a sustainable solution to road sign replacement and over £4,000 was saved through the procurement of new working equipment.

Suppliers are managed fairly and expectations are managed and reviewed via a KPI scoring system and regular meetings. Security has been further strengthened through a new CCTV suite to combat immediate threats and provide high quality images, countering the threat of hostile reconnaissance.

Sustainability and waste are key areas, developing strategies to maintain 43 acres of green areas and 500 trees. Steve says his proudest achievement is the diversion of over 150 tonnes of waste from incineration and increasing off-site recycling by 92% on 2016 levels.

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