One Canada Square

One Canada Square

At One Canada Square we are responsible for the cleaning of all common areas, washrooms and lift lobbies across all 50 floors of the 770 ft
multi-tenanted building. This includes responsibility for the lobby which is 36 feet (11m) high and clad in 90,000 square feet (8,000 m2) of marble and has a restaurant and bar. Other services include all waste segregation for the building tenants plus secure shredding.

A team of 40+ full time employees operate 24/7 to ensure that the 10,000 people who work in the building, along with members of the general public that have access to the ground floor, foyer area and basement levels, can enjoy a clean and safe environment. The team on site include a dedicated periodic team which will provide ongoing specialist cleaning to specific areas.

In addition to the landlord demise contract we also provide a range of cleaning services for the Canary Wharf Group head office which is located in the building.

The Contract
• Commenced service delivery November 2019 for 3 years.
• Contract Value £4m.
• No. of Employees 40+.
• Cleaning, Periodic Cleaning, Washroom Hygiene, Waste Management.

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