Incentive FM Group Joins BSA

Incentive FM Group Joins BSA

Incentive FM Group, announces it has joined the Business Services Association (BSA) with the intention of supporting BSA campaigns focused on promoting the benefits of outsourcing to the private sector.

Explaining the decision, company chairman Jeremy Waud, said:

“The BSA has traditionally been a voice for large service companies operating within the public sector and whilst we have admired their activity it has not felt relevant to us. However, their decision to promote the benefits of outsourcing to the corporate private sector has changed that and we are keen to work closely with them.

We don’t believe that there is any other industry body that is successfully representing companies like Incentive FM and delivering this message. As a result major companies are missing out on the benefits that outsourcing can bring such as driving down costs whilst driving up standards and we hope to change this.”

About the BSA

The BSA is a policy and research organisation. We bring together all those who are interested in delivering efficient, flexible and cost-effective service and infrastructure projects across the private and public sectors.


We provide a forum for service providers to come together to discuss issues of common interest.Our purpose is to understand how services across the private and public sectors can be improved, and to develop policy positions to support that work.

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