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The Incentive FM Leadership Team tackle Ben Nevis

The Incentive FM Leadership Team tackle Ben Nevis

The Incentive FM Leadership Team have now completed preparations for our ‘Twin Peaks’ charity hike this year.

In March 2018 we took on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon which we took in our stride and raised £4,748 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers. So this year we thought we would go one better and :

Double the Mountain, Double the Altitude, Double the Smiles

On May 2019 were hiking up Ben Nevis which is 4,412 ft to the summit and we set off at midnight and walk in the darkness for 6-7 hours, then driving to the Lake District to Climb Scafell Pike which is 3,210ft to the summit and takes about 5 hours. Once again we are raising money for our charity partner Scotty’s Little Soldiers and our target is double the amount we raised climbing up Snowden. We’re aiming to raise £9,496

Martin Reed shares his thoughts on the impact of Brexit to the industry

Martin Reed shares his thoughts on the impact of Brexit to the industry

Martin Reed, Group Chief Executive Officer: 

Within the service industry, there has, quite rightly, been a lot of discussion about the potential skills and people crisis that might be a result of any Brexit deal. In particular, there is much speculation on the impact it will have on finding recruits for the lower paid, non-skilled roles. There is no doubt that in recent years the industry has struggled to recruit homegrown workers and has come to rely heavily on European workers. The uncertainty does not help and neither does the fact that whatever the outcome of negotiations, there will likely be tougher immigration rules, which will make it harder for firms to hire migrant labour, and make those migrants already living in the UK consider whether they should continue living in the country.

There is another real area for concern, however, that is getting fewer headlines and that is the supply chain and its associated rise in costs, which will inevitably impact our sector. New research from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) indicates that nearly one third (32%) of UK businesses with EU suppliers have already increased their prices as a result of the June 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU. This is understandable as they have little choice if they are to protect their profit margins and remain solvent, whilst consumers will ultimately decide if they want to swallow the extra costs or not buy.

In service sectors such as facilities management, however, I fear that it is the suppliers that will bear the brunt of these increases, which may end up being catastrophic in an industry known for its low margins. Whilst labour is by far the biggest cost for companies in the sector, we are also responsible for the purchase of a wide range of consumables, such as cleaning products and toilet paper, which can run into tens of thousands of pounds. For our mechanical and electrical maintenance service business, Incentive Tec, the cost of equipment and parts, for example for heating, venting and air-conditioning systems, is considerably higher. 

The majority of these products are manufactured in Europe, often Eastern Europe, where production costs have traditionally been lower. Whilst nothing is certain, it makes sense that these products will become more expensive and possibly subject to additional customs and tariffs.

So, who will bear these increased costs of products and people? In simple terms, it depends on the terms of your contracts. At Incentive FM, the vast majority of our contracts are ‘open book’, which basically means we charge everything at cost, plus a management fee. This essentially protects us from ‘unexpected’ increases in costs and the responsibility for this falls to the client. As a result, we will need to work closely with them to identify efficiencies to offset those cost increases.

The real impact will be on companies that offer fixed cost contracts that operate over a number of years. Generally, these types of agreements contain strict clauses about what, if any, increases in costs will be covered. A raise in UK VAT, for example, would be covered, but I doubt there are many Brexit clauses. Of course, there are some clients who will feel morally obliged to at least contribute towards this, but equally, there will be others that won’t. With margins in some sectors on low single figures, this could be, at best, damaging.

Of course, it might be possible to argue that Brexit triggered a change in legislation that could not reasonably have been predicted. Companies that are affected will probably need to look at ways to recoup this money, however. For new contracts and those being negotiated now, it is vital that companies seek to include clauses that offer them protection from the uncertainty of Brexit and protect themselves from open-ended cost increases.

In conclusion, the facilities management industry is often a key target for cost reduction during times of economic uncertainty. I think we need to brace ourselves for more contracts being re-negotiated and downwards pressure on pricing. This can be seen as an opportunity, although my experience is that during these times projects and investment are put on hold. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, I think we are in for some challenging times.

SOURCE: Ready for Brexit 

Incentive QAS battle Rough Runner for Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Incentive QAS battle Rough Runner for Scotty’s Little Soldiers

On Saturday 8th September the Incentive QAS team completed a Rough Runner challenge to raise funds for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the Incentive FM Group nominated charity.  I am pleased to report that minimal injuries were incurred, although I think a few achy limbs are still on the mend!

Shirts were supplied by our uniform partner, Ideal 365, and many friends, family, clients and staff have contributed to the fundraising – which we are incredibly thankful for.

Jamie Wright, Incentive QAS Managing Director commented:

“Thank you to all of our supporters and our fantastic team for raising funds for a very important charity supporting our ex service men and women.  This is a charity I take great pride in supporting and your help and support is hugely appreciated.”

There is still time to support us, so please feel to follow this link to make a donation to a very worthy charity. Click here to donate to Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

Videos of the Days Action:

Incentive hits the target as £11,600 is raised for Scotty’s

Incentive hits the target as £11,600 is raised for Scotty’s

Incentive FM Group, the UK’s leading independent facilities company, beat their target of £10,000 and raised £11,600 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers during their annual charity clay pigeon shoot. The event was held at E J Churchill in High Wycombe, and also included a charity auction. Simon Millar from the charity spoke about how he was inspired by the experience of Army widow Nikki Scott, who set up the charity in her husband’s, Corporal Lee Scott’s, memory.

Fifteen teams (75 guns) entered the event, each consisting of five friends, colleagues or customers. The event is open to all and included teams from Barclays, London & Capital, and Michael Page. The winning team on the day, ‘Shooting Stars’, led by Incentive FM’s Operations Director Glenn Wilson, was from Ideal 365 and ACM Environmental Plc with 340 points and the highest scoring woman of the day went to Deborah Wilson from Barclays.

Jeremy Waud, Chairman, Incentive FM Group, said:

“Yet again, the charity clay pigeon shoot was a fantastic and fun event and we are thrilled to have beaten our target for such a  worthy cause. The money will make a real difference when it comes to offering bereaved children the opportunity to smile again through fun activities and holidays.  We are determined to make a positive impact for these children and will continue to support Scotty’s Little Soldiers with future fundraising events.”


Anyone interested in putting a team of five together for next year’s event should contact: Stephanie Ewerse on 0845 1477 121 or email

About Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity dedicated to supporting bereaved children who have lost a parent while serving in the British Armed Forces.

Our latest M&E WES Group, to merge into Incentive Tec

Our latest M&E WES Group, to merge into Incentive Tec

That will create a single building and M&E services company, Incentive says, in a move designed to improve the customer experience through added convenience.

The integration will enable Incentive Tec to offer its clients a comprehensive range of technical, building maintenance and project management services through a single point of contact, including a range of specialist fire and security services that incorporates access control, fire systems installation and maintenance. The enlarged company will retain more than 170 multi-disciplined engineers providing mobile, resident and project services throughout the UK, operating from four regional offices: Kings Langley, Derby, Weston-super-Mare and Basildon.

Incentive FM Group chairman Jeremy Waud said:

“The growth of Incentive Tec under the leadership of Chris Windass and now with the integration of the WES Group means that our customers will benefit from a broader range of services, supported by a large national mobile engineering team, all from a single point of contact. As with our other FM service offerings, Incentive Tec will provide an interesting alternative for potential M&E clients and property managers to some of our bigger and less responsive competitors in the market.”

Incentive FM Group Joins BSA

Incentive FM Group Joins BSA

Incentive FM Group, announces it has joined the Business Services Association (BSA) with the intention of supporting BSA campaigns focused on promoting the benefits of outsourcing to the private sector.

Explaining the decision, company chairman Jeremy Waud, said:

“The BSA has traditionally been a voice for large service companies operating within the public sector and whilst we have admired their activity it has not felt relevant to us. However, their decision to promote the benefits of outsourcing to the corporate private sector has changed that and we are keen to work closely with them.

We don’t believe that there is any other industry body that is successfully representing companies like Incentive FM and delivering this message. As a result major companies are missing out on the benefits that outsourcing can bring such as driving down costs whilst driving up standards and we hope to change this.”

About the BSA

The BSA is a policy and research organisation. We bring together all those who are interested in delivering efficient, flexible and cost-effective service and infrastructure projects across the private and public sectors.


We provide a forum for service providers to come together to discuss issues of common interest.Our purpose is to understand how services across the private and public sectors can be improved, and to develop policy positions to support that work.

Operations Manager of the Year Steve Salisbury!

Operations Manager of the Year Steve Salisbury!

SCEPTRE Awards winner – Operations Manager of the Year 

Steve Salisbury Crystal Peaks, Sheffield

Equipment and processes are only as effective as the operators behind them. To ensure the best possible results from all of Crystal Peak’s initiatives, charity work and marketing promotions, the team that must be motivated, capable and enthusiastic. The team are always the starting point.

To achieve this Steve Salisbury provides coaching and mentoring in the workplace and support outside. He ensures that tailored training is delivered by internal and external providers and has developed a robust succession plan to increase resiliency across all departments.

Customer service is not just a department – it drives everything the Crystal Peaks team does. Steve understands that to be successful a shopping centre must not limit its customer service provision to the scheme – it must extend out to the local community via charity and local project involvement. He has guided the charity fundraising team and participated in events raising over £11,000 for good causes.

Operationally he manages a wide range of maintenance projects around the constraints and restrictions that being based in a residential area poses with regards to noise and working time. Over £2,000 of savings were made by introducing a sustainable solution to road sign replacement and over £4,000 was saved through the procurement of new working equipment.

Suppliers are managed fairly and expectations are managed and reviewed via a KPI scoring system and regular meetings. Security has been further strengthened through a new CCTV suite to combat immediate threats and provide high quality images, countering the threat of hostile reconnaissance.

Sustainability and waste are key areas, developing strategies to maintain 43 acres of green areas and 500 trees. Steve says his proudest achievement is the diversion of over 150 tonnes of waste from incineration and increasing off-site recycling by 92% on 2016 levels.

credit: shopping centre

Southgate Celebrate Gold Star Customer Service Award

Southgate Celebrate Gold Star Customer Service Award

Here are the team celebrating together in Bath their outstanding achievement of gaining the ‘Gold’ customer service level.

Beth and Nicole have driven the Customer Service standards throughout the team over the last year by playing games with them and encouraging them to attend training sessions and progress themselves to the next level at all times.

The team are planning celebrations in July to celebrate their success and are excited for what the new year will bring.

National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week

With it being National Apprenticeship week, we have an insight from our very own Matt Searle (pictured bottom middle) who started off as an onsite apprentice in 2013, we hear in his own words how he went on to become a Facilities Manager for the southern sites, on the Equiniti contract.

Matthew Searle:

I started my IFM experience in 2013, as the onsite maintenance apprentice, finishing my qualification in Electrical Installation. I moved up the ranks from Engineer, Supervising Engineer and now work as the Facilities Manager for the southern sites, on the Equiniti contract. During the 7yrs of IFM employment I have learnt a lot, most importantly learning that the team you work around are so important. Without them and the support, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to progress. This is shown me the value of a trusted adviser. The 7yrs has shown that IFM want to look at internal succession, by encouraging the right/relevant training and support. I now look to give others an opportunity, like the one I was given. We have a good succession plan in place on the Equiniti contract and encourage others to help the teams progress.


Best deal at the right price – Bruce McDonnell

Best deal at the right price – Bruce McDonnell

It is the week of the collapse of Carillion. What are your thoughts?

It’s obviously a shame for the industry and for the clients and those who work there. It reinforces a little why, intentionally, we are in a different market. We don’t go for any public sector contracts. Those who go for them bid so low and accept such demanding terms from public sector bodies that are going through the procurement exercise… The thing that surprises me most is that despite the profit warnings over the last 12 months they were still winning contracts!

Incentive is a smaller £110m turnover company. How do you do business? 

We choose contracts where we can add value and that are right for us. Being independent, we are in a relatively unique position in the market to be able to be selective about what the opportunities are. The challenge for corporates is that they have people who go out to sell the business and they are so far removed from the guy who’s close to the operation… they don’t realise the impact of what they are selling.

How will Carillion’s collapse affect the FM industry?

Everyone is profit and loss-driven – a lot of them seem turnover-driven. And some of the margins there – I don’t know how they are making a decent return. … There are a proportion of them that are going through a non-sustainable business, but I don’t think anyone would try to get themselves in a position like Carillion’s.

Because Incentive is small and agile, we understand the impact of the sale on the result. In the middle, it is the customer and how you deliver the service to the customer. There are people at the top of the business that are absolutely focused on the bottom line return, the valuation, the plc – how the market perceives them. The results are driving the business – and it’s a little bit the wrong way round.

What should happen now?

I was having a conversation with someone assisting with a public sector procurement project (nothing to do with us). There are things like scoping meetings to decide what scoping meetings look like and then meetings to look at the minutes of those meetings – and the result of these huge and convoluted processes is that they get to where they can afford next to nothing as far as contract delivery is concerned.

Public sector procurement needs to be more appealing to businesses that want to deliver great service for the right reasons.

We have sensible conversations with any commercial business owner/client and it’s about the value proposition. It is about getting into the position where you become their trusted adviser and you give them the right solution at the right price.

If the industry can find a way to open up those sorts of areas – relationship, value proposition – it will open up the market to those who will bid for work and become less fixated on huge framework deals that don’t necessarily deliver true benefit.