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Social Value

Social Value

Our recently launched social value promise ensures the four pillars supporting our business people, partners, planet and community are at the forefront of everything we do.

My role has been changed to focus more on this most important of subjects and I am excited to see the progress we are making across the whole Group;


People & Wellbeing

A recent ‘people and wellbeing’ audit carried out by an organisation on behalf of one of our clients brought into focus just what has been achieved over the last 16 months

As with many organisations we have been caught up in the momentum of the coronavirus pandemic and have had little opportunity to reflect. The audit provided the platform for us to consider and discuss our achievements and approach, identifying potential opportunities for improvement.

Whilst stress, anxiety and mental health issues have always been at the forefront of our people agenda, it is fair to say that the pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health in some way.

The back end of 2020 and early 2021 was arguably the toughest period of the pandemic for many of our employees be they at work, on furlough or working from home. Many were juggling childcare, home schooling and caring responsibilities in addition to dealing with the impact the pandemic was having on their families.

With employees from 61 nationalities, many of whom concerned about family and friends in other countries as well as in the UK, further considerations were the international travel restrictions and the pending closure of the EU Settlement Scheme.

The disappointment of a ‘cancelled’ Christmas and the restrictions coupled with the dreary months of January and February further impacted on employee Health & Wellbeing, already delicate in many cases.

The wellbeing of our people has and continues to be our priority. Incentive has been committed to supporting Mental Health for many years with qualified Mental Health First Aiders across the group and training available to all our employees from personal awareness level upwards.  The appointment of Health & Wellbeing Champions and the launch of the Wellbeing page on the My Incentive Hub ensure employees are encouraged to be aware of new initiatives and campaigns, practice self-care, and are signposted to appropriate help and support in addition to our Employee Assistance Program. Whilst our managers and people professionals have prioritised listening and empathy within their teams, we are mindful of the impact on them as individuals too. They have maintained contact with staff impacted in many ways and dealt with varying concerns and challenges regarding the return to the workplace.

For those staff who moved to remote working as an initial reaction to the Government request to stay at home, the reality now is that this is a long-term solution for many, including our own central support teams. Individuals have been able to reassess the commute and work life balance whilst the business determines the social and economic impact of reopening office space. In a remote working world, it is easy to lose sight of the benefits of interpersonal relationships and social interaction that would be experienced in the workplace environment.

As we continue to learn to live with COVID-19 we will continue this way of working; a blended approach with appropriate face to face interaction.



We realise that our partners, both clients and supply chain, have had just as much to deal with over the last twelve months as our business has. Our client partners have been fantastic, and our focus has been on supporting them in providing safe and manageable workplaces for their staff, as well as ours, to work within. We will continue to work with them to adapt the service and resources required to support their businesses and their buildings going forward, ensuring at all times the very best in class service and value.

Our supply partners have been heroic through the pandemic and helped us to maintain and develop our client offering. We have worked hard over the last year to improve the speed and ease of payment as well as ensure that longer term partnerships are formed to maintain security for all.


Our Planet

As already outlined in this edition we are working hard to ensure our future impact on the planet is minimized, working with Planet Mark to measure and manage our carbon impact alongside signing up to the United Nations’ Race to Zero carbon commitment are the foundation stones of our work in this area.

SWC, our window cleaning specialist division, have already achieved a carbon neutral position. As part of this process, alongside the rest of the group, our vehicle fleet is well on the way to being electrified with all new leases and company cars electric only.

As part of a wider focus on our ‘grey’ impact we will be challenging supply partners to match our commitments to decarbonisation through either signing up to Race to Zero or the UK Governments Carbon Business Plan. Our move to more remote working will minimise the carbon used by our teams who used to commute daily to the office. This along with many operational changes on client sites will further positively impact this important aspect of our social value promise.


Our Communities

We always try to play a strong role in the communities we work in. Our Social Value commitment will further strengthen this commitment and ensure that not only do we continue to provide great support to many charities, but our teams will be given more time to support local initiatives directly.

In addition to community support, the best thing we can do to really make a significant impact in the communities we work is to give more support and opportunity to those who need it. Our link with the Shaw Trust will mean we are giving new opportunities to those who most need them. Creating futures for many who have not yet been given a chance but who we know, if allowed, will become a great part of our future and that of the wider community.


How are we doing

To ensure we continue to focus on all four of our Social Value pillars we have introduced a balanced score card to measure our impact. This tool is designed to be managed at a local, national and business unit level ensuring all elements of our business have the same focus on these most important issues.

There is no doubt social value and all it encompasses is going to be the most important part of business life for the next working generation. We are on board early and we aim to be leaders in this field.


Net Zero

Net Zero

Everyone will probably have heard and seen the term “Net Zero” on the news, in papers and social media. Put simply, net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

We reach net zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away. The UK Government has made a commitment to reach net zero by 2050 which aligns with the United Nations goal that enables the global temperature rise to be held to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

Incentive Carbon Management, a division of Incentive Consultancy Ltd, has helped our Group to put in place a plan that will enable the business to operate at Net Zero by 2030 at the latest. We achieved a net reduction of 9% in fy 20/21 in our carbon intensity indicator that measures average carbon emissions per £ turnover. This commitment is being independently verified by Planet Mark.

We have developed a 5 step data driven process that establishes a strategic commitment of the board, measures the current carbon emissions starting point, designs various measures to help transform business processes, mitigate and reduce the carbon emissions. A communication and engagement plan reaches out to staff, clients and the supply chain and the results are regularly transparently reported to demonstrate good governance.

Emissions are categorised as Type 1, 2, or 3 , with the first two categories carbon emissions data typically available for conversion from normal business information. Type three emissions calculation and monitoring will probably involve introducing revised processes for supply chain management as the scope is quite complicated and extensive.

A variety of carbon reduction measures form part of the transformation plans. These include avoidance through changing behaviours such as a hybrid mix of face to face and virtual meetings for example. Reduced emissions through improved temperature control and timing as well as setpoint alterations are making a demonstrable impact too. Other measures like greening the fleet with electric vehicles being the default selection where possible also assist. Sourcing local products and reducing their carbon delivery miles through revised procurement policies bring double benefits through keeping the pounds local. There are also tax incentives for qualifying carbon reducing investments that allows companies to save 25p in the £1 invested.

We are currently assisting a number of forward thinking clients on their “Race to zero”, with the UK chairing COP26, the UN climate change conference in Glasgow later in the year, there’s never been a better time to go green along with reducing your overall expenditure/tax and avoiding potential carbon tax hikes that may be coming too!

Phillips joins Incentive’s board to focus on social value

Phillips joins Incentive’s board to focus on social value

Laura Phillips, Incentive FM Group’s HR director, is joining its board in a move designed to ensure that the company’s focus on social value is formalised across all parts of the business.

Her appointment marks the fact that the issue is recognised as a key strategic driver. She has a remit to deliver a holistic social value approach that incorporates commitments to the environment and the communities in which the group operates.

Incentive said that In her HR role, Phillips has been at the forefront of the group’s people-based management and its staff wellbeing development since she arrived over 10 years ago under TUPE. In addition to running HR and payroll functions, she now oversees health and safety, compliance and environmental strategy.

The group identifies itself as a people-orientated business whose vision of “having staff who love working for us and clients who love working with us” is the bedrock of its operational decision-making. It points out that companies’ social value efforts are now being supported by the government, which recently announced that its departments would increase the weighting of a social value score when assessing suppliers on the wider positive benefits they bring by delivering the contract.

The government states that the move will maximise value for money for the taxpayer while also building a more resilient and diverse supplier base.

Martin Reed, CEO at Incentive FM Group, said:

“Although social value seems to be a buzz phrase at the moment, our business has been focused on all the elements for many years. Laura’s appointment to the group board will ensure we have a focal point to bring together all of the fantastic work and innovations our operational businesses and central teams are delivering.”


Article taken from:

SWC driving charge

SWC driving charge

By Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of Specialist Window Cleaning (SWC), the window cleaning arm of Incentive FM Group

As an industry leading business, we are continually looking at ways to stay ahead of competition and keep us at the forefront of change, operating a large fleet of vehicles up and down the country we feel that it is our duty to challenge our carbon footprint in a bid to fight climate change.

With the introduction of schemes such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London that currently occupies the same area as the Congestion Charge Zone with the aim improve London’s air quality, we felt it was time where possible we move our fleet over to EVs.

The environmental and economic benefits of switching to EVs are even more clear and as a result, in 2020 we’ve seen a surge in the UKs demand EVs , dramatically showing how the UK is embracing electric mobility and it is no surprise with an EV vehicle producing around 60 per cent less CO2 emissions than its diesel equivalent, as a business we are targeting ourselves with reducing our carbon emissions by 35 per cent in year and a further 30 per cent in year two.   

While it may take our businesses time to transition to a fully electric fleet, we are making a start by switching out our London based vehicles for their electric counterparts.  Currently we have four electric Renault Kangoo Z.E in the fleet with a further eight set to join the fleet this year including the larger E-Dispatch once our current leases come to an end.

However, with the rapid improvements in vehicle ranges, an ever-growing charge point infrastructure that is better positioned to meet our business needs, it will not be long before rolling this out to the wider business and by the end of 2022 we aim to have at least 75 per cent of our fleet EV based.

Going green to stay ahead

In terms of the finances, EVs are highly cost-competitive for companies, they provide cost reductions over the lifetime of ownership. We have done some comparisons compared to our current running costs and we found that an EV can be driven for as little as 1p per mile, compared with 8-10p per mile for even the most fuel-efficient petrol and diesel vehicles, other benefits are

  • Reduced pollution
  • Home charging, Reducing miles to travel to petrol stations
  • Reduced noise while driving
  • No London Congestion Charge for fully electric vehicles

Making the change

Given the current times when protecting the bottom line has never been more important, moving our fleet to EVs will provide some greatly appreciated financial benefits for our employees and our business, furthermore it provides a more sustainable option at a time when we are all demanding action to be taken on protecting the environment.  We are pleased to say we have been joined in this initiative by a number of our clients who have installed EV charging points in the carparks and on their grounds, again, increasing the day to day useability of EVs across the country, it leaves us with the question that ‘If we can make a change, we should, no matter how big or small the impact’ we are all in the fight against climate change together.


Taken from CHTMag.

FM market ‘will pick up’ and the ‘office changed for good’

FM market ‘will pick up’ and the ‘office changed for good’

The FM market will continue to be flat in the first six months and pick up as the world returns to some sense of normality, according to the chairman of a facilities management firm. 

Jeremy Waud, chairman of Incentive FM Group, told Facilitate that “the office world has now doubtless changed for good” and that there would be “a greater split of home and office working but I don’t see a complete swing one way or another”.

Waud added: “This effect will drive the need for less office space, but probably of a higher quality, that is able to respond to the net-zero agenda together with smarter and more flexible shared work environments with first-class connectivity and technology.

Waud also said the “demand for the traditional FM services will be largely unchanged, but volumes may be slightly suppressed”.

He explained: “The inexorable change to online retail will affect tertiary retail developments and only the strongest will survive and at the very least it will need to have a compelling set of reasons to encourage its clients to visit.

“Serviced office space is currently in a state of flux, but should be an appealing office offer for companies trying to shed cost, space and lease commitments in the future as and when possible. The contract service backdrop will continue to see the current trend of consolidation and this may just lead to the big getting bigger as entrepreneurs struggle to find the opportunities or funding to get going and establish the necessary traction.

“The banks will doubtless continue to offer their umbrellas when the sun comes out and the rain stops! They will continue to strive for risk-free lending – something that will not stimulate the economy or our industry.”

Article taken from Facilitate Magazine

Image credit | Shutterstock

Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings

There has been a lot of buzz about the industry over the last few years about intelligent buildings, smart apps, and the internet of things amongst many others. It has to be said, there are some fantastic concepts out there and even as a consumer it is now possible to network and make you own home smart.

The challenge within our sector is an integrated approach, pulling together a great concept with real application to deliver value to our clients, whether that is real cost savings through energy consumption reduction or operational efficiency or enhancements to the built environment to improve building user experience. If you believe the marketing then anything is possible, the only problem, is it really?

Somebody described the IOT and smart technology sector as the modern day wild west with so many tech companies scrabbling for market share and recognition as innovators. It is possible to implement technologies which control, systems which analyse and learn as well as provide automation of various activities.

We have been treading cautiously into this sector, making sure we are not duped into technologies with limited dynamic application which could mean wasted investment and reduced long term benefit.  We have trialed various technologies to provide assistance in delivering enhanced experience and improved efficiencies and energy reduction, some of which have proved to be useful but not going all of the way to a truly leading edge technology.

It is fair to say that BMS systems provide significant opportunity for connectivity and interoperability with other cloud enabled systems, with some of the technologies available, even remote or dumb assets can also be activated through the use of smart tech. The trick for us is the platform we use to link and consolidate application across all activities and to use the data to prioritise critical intervention and downscale non value adding costly resource attendance.

That leads us to our road map. We are in the process of working with a number of trusted partners to bring together a vision which encompasses all of the aspects. Our vision is to have a developed third-party platform which links all value assets, monitors environment and attendance/ usage of space to provide an intelligence led output or activity with automated instruction and integration through our CAFM system. This is an exciting and bold step and one which we believe will place us in a unique spot with a broad range application not just focused on limited specific activities.

Our clients are at the centre of our objectives with a focus on user experience, efficiency of both labour and energy as well as lifecyle improvements. In this strange time where the use of buildings going forward will no doubt change and adapt, we need a platform which can not just assist in the efficient running of these buildings but also play a part in enabling the changing work patterns. This is not just innovation for the sake of it, it is for absolute necessity in an evolving world. We are aiming to bring this concept to life during 2021 and we will update you more as we go.


By Bruce McDonnell, Managing Director.

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SWC prescribed for LloydsPharmacy contract

SWC prescribed for LloydsPharmacy contract

Specialist Window Cleaning (SWC), the window cleaning arm of Incentive FM Group, has added one of the UK’s leading pharmacists to its growing client portfolio.

LloydsPharmacy has awarded SWC a significant two-year cleaning contract, which will see the well-established window cleaning solutions business providing internal & external window cleaning, fascia and signage cleans, as well as adhoc reactive call outs to over 1,000 LloydsPharmacy sites across the UK after a delayed start during lockdown.

Commenting on the contract award, Chris Thomas, Commercial Director of SWC, said:

 “It’s been a testing year for the window cleaning sector, and we have had to provide creative and flexible solutions for our clients to adapt to the unprecedented current conditions. Winning the LloydsPharmacy contract really pays tribute to the hard work of our teams on the ground. To work with such an established household name and provide a service that aligns with their trusted customer experience, is something we take immense pride in as a business and we are proud to partner with them.”

SWC specialises in high-level, cradle and rope access window cleaning providing window cleaning solutions to many of the UK’s most recognisable retailers, including Pizza Express, and employs more than 70 cleaning staff across the country.

Incentive FM win Wembley Contract

Incentive FM win Wembley Contract

Incentive FM has been awarded a three year contract to manage the soft services across the 118,000 sq ft Wembley Central Shopping Centre. The Centre which includes 25 retail units, three residential blocks, and a car park, required an industry-leading approach to critical facilities management in order to deliver responsive and cost effective services.

Glenn Wilson, Director – Retail & Distribution, at Incentive FM, said:

“It’s fantastic news for us, and is testament to our approach to sustainable solutions in facilities management. Our specialist is now leading a team of 11 across the site, and we’re proud to call Wembley Central a partner, not just a client. After winning the contract, we mobilised the operation in just ten days, which is no easy task in the current climate. We’re looking forward to delivering industry-leading solutions for the next three years and beyond.”

One of the first tasks for Incentive FM was to upgrade security infrastructure to a digital platform and embed sustainable cleaning and security protocols across the sites. The series of upgrades were key to Incentive FM winning the contract supplied by the Centre’s property managers, Fidum Property Management.

Simon Marshall, Director at Fidum, said:

“Incentive FM have a strong reputation for innovation and sustainable solutions in facilities management. We wanted to up our game to that regard, and Incentive FM have already started to deliver. It’s fantastic to partner with such a well-respected market-leader, and it’ll no doubt enhance our customer experience, and streamline operations for those working across the site.”

Incentive FM will continue to implement the latest innovative security and cleaning systems across the 118,000 square foot site, with high spec innovative equipment provided for the various teams involved in the busy operation. Updating and bolstering the security and surveillance of the vicinity is a key priority for Incentive FM and has already begun.

Incentive FM restructures to deliver specialist support

Incentive FM restructures to deliver specialist support

Incentive FM, the leading facilities management specialist, has announced it is to introduce a sector approach within its business to ensure it is best placed to continue to support its clients whilst maximising opportunities in its key markets . It follows the company’s continuing growth which, despite COVID-19, has resulted in the mobilisation of 5 new contracts during lockdown.

The business previously delivered its services on a regional basis but the new sector approach will focus on providing specialist niche services in 3 key areas:  Retail and Distribution including shopping centres; Destination and Heritage for clients such as Covent Garden, Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Somerset House; and Workplace Solutions for client including Addleshaw Goddard, LV= and Equiniti.

Bruce McDonnell, Managing Director at Incentive FM, explains:

“These changes were planned at the start of the year but were put on hold as we focused on dealing with the immediate impact of the pandemic on our clients.  As lockdown starts to ease it has become even clearer that each of these sectors is facing very different challenges and opportunities and our new structure will enable us to provide the tailored delivery and support they need.”

Under the new structure Glenn Wilson has been promoted to the role of Director – Retail and Distribution and Claire Rumsey has been promoted to Director – Destination and Heritage. Matt Pilling joins the business as Director – Workplace Solutions.

“Our business and our client contracts has remained strong through this challenging time .We have supported our clients throughout lockdown, creating business resumption plans, employee resumption and engagement plans and focusing on delivering safe operations for our clients enabling them to return to work with confidence. Our focus is now on helping our clients to continue to adapt their businesses to meet the challenges of the new normal,”

concludes Bruce.

Cleaned Out: The pandemic’s impact on cleaning supplies

Cleaned Out: The pandemic’s impact on cleaning supplies

Below article taken from: Facilitate.

We asked readers how challenging it has been to source cleaning supplies during the pandemic, whether prices have risen, how prepared they are for future demand over the coming months and what type of impact Covid-19 has had on existing contracts?

The pandemic has rocketed cleaning practices to the top of the list of organisational priorities, with the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) warning of “extraordinary” demand for cleaning supplies “for the foreseeable future”. Tthe CHSA also warned against unscrupulous groups trying to capitalise on this with inflated costs, writing to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and asking it to investigate companies seeking to profit from the health crisis. We asked readers to explain how challenging it has been to source cleaning supplies; whether prices have risen; how prepared they are for demand over the coming months; and what impact the pandemic has had on existing contracts.

Collaboration with suppliers

At ISS UK we have a managed to fulfill most customer requirements through our existing suppliers. At the height of the pandemic, where demand spiked, we did need to qualify additional suppliers to support ISS and our clients. With increased demand, market forces resulted in some price increases and, in some cases, upfront payments before the product was shipped.

At the outset of the pandemic, [sourcing] liquid soap (particularly antibacterial soap) and hand sanitiser was a challenge. During April, disposable nitrile gloves (to EN374) and sanitising wipes suitable for Covid-19 became difficult to obtain, with prices also increasing. By collaborating with our suppliers, and utilising our global reach, we’ve sourced and approved a range of certified disinfectants (to EN14476) as viricides, enabling us to keep supplies flowing throughout the pandemic.

Since May, our view is that the market is returning to  pre-pandemic levels, even on the higher-demand items. We anticipate an increased need for consumables, materials and PPE as our customers’ return ‘back to the workplace’. For example, due to enhanced personal hygiene, some customers are requesting personal hygiene kits and self-cleaning stations for additional reassurance for employees; but given the phasing of the return, we do not envisage such a high spike in demand.

Paul Fereday, head of operations at ISS UK Cleaning Excellence

Supply chain slowdown

The most difficult time to get hold of supplies was around early April. It was nearly impossible to get large stocks of gloves, masks, wipes and especially hand gel. All of a sudden, things got very technical and we needed PP3 face masks and hand gel that had above 60 per cent alcohol concentration. This surge in demand led to long lead times and higher prices ( around 300-500 per cent). This was clearly profiteering but impossible to prove at the time. Massive amounts of goods were being stocked in warehouses and resold, which slowed the supply chain considerably.

Towards the end of April and into May things calmed down. I think the UK realised it wasn’t going to the office any time soon and demand for PPE dropped rapidly. Everything became very available and prices started to reduce. In fact, we started receiving calls and messages from suppliers that had bought hundreds of thousands of items and now couldn’t dispose of it. They were almost begging us to buy it from them.

Andrew Hulbert, managing director at Pareto FM

Use forward thinking

Demand for commercial cleaning in offices, police and fire stations has increased substantially. Incentive QAS purchased sufficient amounts of PPE and specialist cleaning equipment during the early stages. This ensured we were able to service to our customers whilst ensuring the wellbeing of our staff. This approach enabled us to provide specialist deep cleans.

Incentive QAS has established fantastic working relationships with suppliers which has benefitted us greatly. This has enabled us to purchase hand sanitiser and PPE in bulk at an affordable price, store product at our suppliers’ site and request delivery when required. The H&S of our cleaning teams and clients is obviously a key priority so ensuring provision of these was of paramount importance during the planning stages.

Not only has our service been unaffected during lockdown, but as lockdown eases, we have a steady stream of supplies.

David Brown, commercial director of Incentive QAS

Flexibility is key

Procuring cleaning supplies was immensely challenging because almost overnight the products and their distribution were placed under huge strain. The supply chain we used depended upon packaging and bottles manufactured in the Far East and China, and upon chemicals largely manufactured in the Netherlands. The impact of Covid-19 dramatically increased demand as companies and organisations started panic buying and also hampered the supply chain, both in terms of the supply of chemicals and the packaging they came in.

We took the decision early on to switch cleaning chemical after assessing the risk in the supply chain. We changed to a chemical that is manually dosed on site rather than controlled via a dispenser to reduce the risk of packaging and chemical shortages. Taking this approach has not increased our costs.

We have a robust supply chain and distribution network and do not envisage a problem. However, it is true that the pandemic throws up unexpected challenges. The key is to be flexible.

In the 11 NHS Hospitals and half-a-dozen healthcare centres that we provide facilities management services to, we have responded to the needs of our client. This has meant increasing the frequency and intensity of cleaning regimes to help create the best possible environment for patients and for NHS staff to operate in as safely as possible.

In other sectors, we have fundamentally changed our cleaning regime. Previously cleaners would clean during out-of-office hours, refill toilet paper holders, clean kitchens and empty dishwashers and so on. Now we are seeing, as our customers either run drastically altered operations or re-emerge from lockdown conditions, there is less demand for kitchen, toilet and general duties as fewer people are in the workplace.

However, our cleaners are carrying out far more regular cleans of common touchpoints – handrails, doors, stairwells and so on. Our cleaners are being redeployed and concentrating on cleaning and recleaning key areas as much as possible.

Thomas Garlick, head of procurement – soft services at Interserve Support Services

Incentive QAS Pays Tribute to Frontline Staff

Incentive QAS Pays Tribute to Frontline Staff

Leading cleaning specialist Incentive QAS has distributed more than 800 wellbeing packs to their staff all over the UK. With half of the 800 strong company working throughout the pandemic, and the other half preparing to return to work after furlough, the Incentive QAS leadership team have expressed their gratitude during a testing and unprecedented time for the industry.

The packs have been welcomed by staff teams across the country and contain a variety of health and wellbeing gifts. Workers have received a branded cotton tote bag, aluminium re-useable water bottles, 125ml personalised bottle of hand sanitizer and washable face coverings. As well as sugary treats, the wellbeing pack also includes an employee information guide to help staff prepare for a ‘new normal’ post lockdown.

Incentive QAS have been closely reviewing guidance from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England and other Government agencies to work in partnership with clients and stakeholders during the transition to business resumption.

Jamie Wright, Managing Director at Incentive QAS said:

“The commitment of our teams across the country during this pandemic has been incredible. With many working in frontline critical environments, our staff have had to adapt quickly in largely unprecedented circumstances. The wellbeing packs are a way for us to say thank you to our teams as we begin to welcome back 50% of our workforce who were previously furloughed. “

He added, “We’ve developed and distributed a Returning to Work Brochure to help our employees return to business functions safely, efficiently and effectively. It is critical that we support and protect employees, clients, visitors and customers, and by producing these guidance notes, we can navigate the challenges that lie ahead on our road to COVID -19 pandemic recovery.”

Incentive QAS is the contract cleaning arm of the Incentive FM Group, with annual sales in excess of £18.5 million and employing more than 800 staff around the country, delivering a wide range of cleaning and support services to both the private and public sectors.