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The Evolution of Commercial Security

The Evolution of Commercial Security

Martin Reed, Chief Executive at Incentive FM Group, explores how priorities and methods when delivering effective commercial security have changed over recent years.

The challenge of delivering commercial security has seen significant changes, with many providers now struggling to play catch up. Priorities around securing members of the public, staff, high profile buildings and large open spaces have irreversibly shifted with an increased threat of terrorism and violence. Coupled with the constantly evolving environmental challenges, a tough economic backdrop is also forcing security providers to work within testing budgets. Big security decisions are being made in unchartered territories and a holistic approach is now imperative for a successful and safe operation.

How has the environment changed?

Historically, security solutions were driven by a main objective to stop theft and prevent damage to products and assets. Of course, for retail and public spaces, issues such as theft have not gone away, with organised retail crime (groups of criminals stealing merchandise, data or cash from retailers) accounting for £562m in commercial losses last year. However, the last decade has seen security strategies also having to incorporate and prioritise the wider safety and security of people and assets. The Institute of Economics and Peace has estimated that the direct cost of terrorism to the global economy in 2014 was $52.9 billion – a ten-fold increase since 2000 – with the indirect costs at $105 billion.

“The balance between providing a holistic security service and remaining operationally effective has never been tighter. This is where recruiting smartly and investing wisely help to steady the ship.”

Currently, the national level of terrorist threat is deemed ‘substantial’ by MI5, which has resulted in facilities management companies playing a vital role in planning and preparing for potential incidents. As a specialist facilities management provider, companies like Incentive FM Group are also tasked with preparing for a change in the threat level from ‘substantial’ to ‘critical’. As this threat of terrorism fluctuates, the stages of preparing and implementing security protocol in public spaces have to be agile enough to predict risk and adapt, with the sufficient technological capabilities to counteract any threat.

As security services face up to these new challenges, leadership teams are simultaneously having to decipher appropriate reductions to stay afloat. The balance between providing a holistic security service and remaining operationally effective has never been tighter. This is where recruiting smartly and investing wisely help to steady the ship.

Building the right team

The relevant skillset for security professionals, like in any industry, changes with the landscape. New threats require new solutions and the private market has to respond accordingly. As the threat of terrorism and violence increases, it is vital for specialists to recruit professionals who have a focus on vigilance and negotiation skills over the historical security characteristics of physical ability alone. Technological insight, attention to changing details, identifying threats, decision making, mitigating risk, and the ability to continually review security measures are just some of the skills needed in the modern security environment. As is using the wider service team such as cleaning staff which, as an integrated service provider comes naturally to us, but can be a different way of working for single service security providers.

Finding the right balance between sustaining a no-nonsense presence that reduces threat, whilst also ensuring the customer experience is welcoming and positive, is a modern pressure. One of the key assets to holistic security methodology is the recruitment and appointment of an eclectic range of skilled people with different backgrounds. To tackle a diverse problem that is ever-changing, a diverse team is needed; both customer-facing and office-based.

Being part of wider industry bodies, such as the SIA Pacesetter group, can also help to share best practice and improve practices and methodologies for our current environment.

Mitigating the risk of rising knife-crime

There is no doubt that the risk to retail staff from knife attacks is on the rise. The recent ACS 2019 crime report revealed that a knife was used in 68% of violent shop incidents involving a weapon; up from 64% in 2018 and 32% in 2017. As knives also increasingly become a weapon of choice for terrorists, a security plan has to incorporate the different scenarios where a blade or sharp object can pose a threat to staff and/or customers. There is no one size fits all approach to a problem like knife-crime. Smart investment in both personnel and technology is what determines how successful security solutions are in the face of a rising knife-crime problem.

A proactive approach to the identification and management of risk now has to be the default security position over simply providing a reactive ‘body of service’. The relationship between the security provider and the client is more important than ever. Our approach is to position the relationship as a partnership from day one. This is the only way to fully address the unique risks to a business and provide comprehensive, bespoke and reliable security solutions in a tough and rapidly evolving environment.


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Incentive Consultancy Brochure

Incentive Consultancy Brochure

Our consultancy business started in 2003 and has evolved through client demand and need across a range of disciplines that have been of great help to our clients. The reviews and restructures vary considerably but have the common theme of improved efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Incentive FM retains shopping centre for another 3 years.

Incentive FM retains shopping centre for another 3 years.

Friars Square Shopping Centre in Aylesbury has extended its contract with leading independent facilities management company, Incentive FM for another three years. The new contract awarded by Montagu Evans, enables Incentive FM to continue to provide full TFM service model at the centre. The decision to extend the relationship with Incentive FM follows a successful 36 month period.

Friars Square is a shopping centre located in the town centre of Aylesbury. The landlord is Patrizia, and managed by Montagu Evans.

The shopping centre is a mixed-use development, including over 50 shops and restaurants, offices, 400-space multi-storey car park and bus station.

 “Business continuity is a very important part of managing a shopping centre. The continuing partnership with Incentive FM has enabled the successful renewal of the contract for a new term a very easy decision”


Andy Margieson, Centre Manager.

“Our one team approach and continual drive to identify innovative new ways of working, has enabled our partnership with Friars Square to continue.”

Claire Rumsey, Operations Director at Incentive FM.

Surrey Rugby Incentive FM Knockout Cups Finals

Surrey Rugby Incentive FM Knockout Cups Finals

Winners & Results

Exciting ⁦Incentive Surrey Rugby⁩ ⁦Cup Final today Weybridge Vandals RFC⁩ edged out Old Midwhitgiftians after a dramatic Penalty try against them seen below. ⁦Trinity School Rugby⁩ ⁦also Shield finals Oldwalcountians.

Bank Holiday Weekend 3rd, 4th & 6th May 2019

Surrey Rugby Incentive FM Knockout Cups Finals

Match No. Teams Score Winner
1 Secretary’s Tankard Esher Abbots V Sutton & Epsom 2s 10-5 Sutton & Epsom 2s
2 Secretary’s Vase Esher Expendables V Cobham Vets 20-0 Esher Expendables

Reserve Team Cup Finals, Saturday 4th May 2019 at Cobham RFC

Match No. Teams Score Winner
3 President’s Plate Battersea Ironsides 3s V Rosslyn Park Nomads 15-29 Rosslyn Park Nomads
4 Chairman’s Plate Reeds Weybridge 2s V Warlingham 2s 20-0 Reeds Weybridge 2s
5 Secretary’s Barrel Cobham 3s V Old Walcountians 2s 32-44 Old Walcountians 2s
6 President’s Jug Camberley 3s V Chipstead 2s 19-17 Camberley 3s
7 President’s Tumbler Egham Hollowegians 2s V Met Police 2s 74-12 Egham Hollowegians 2s
8 Chairman’s Jug Reeds Weybridge 3s V Guildfordians 2s 20-0 Guildfordians 2s
9 Chairman’s Tumbler Streatham-Croydon 3s V Racal Decca 47-27 Streatham Croydon 3s
10 President’s Vets Pitcher Old Mid Whitgiftians V Old Reigatian Vets 24-45 Old Reigatian Vets
11 Surrey Skull Old Haileyburians 3s V Haslemere Vets 53-22 Old Haileyburians 3s

Reserve Team Cup Finals, Saturday 4th May 2019 at Wimbledon RFC

Match No. Teams Score Winner
8 Chairman’s Tankard Battersea Ironsides 2s V Farnham 2s 22-21 Battersea Ironsides 2s
7 Chairman’s Barrel KCS Old Boys 2s V Old Rutlishians 2s 38-12 KCS Old Boys 2s
6 President’s Barrel Mayfair Occasionals V Dorking 3s 33-22 Mayfair Occasionals
5 President’s Flute Sutton & Epsom 5 V Old Rutlishians 3 24-22 Sutton & Epsom 5s
4 President’s Chalice Old Blues 2s V Farnham 3s 5-41 Farnham 3s
3 Chairman’s Chalice Old Freemen’s 2s V Farnham 4s 17-14 Old Freemen’s 2s
2 Chairman’s Vets Vase Harlequin Amateurs V Farnham Vets 14-7 Harlequin Amateurs Vets
1 Chairman’s Flute Merton 3s V Wimbledon 4s 17-43 Wimbledon 4s

Reserve Team Cup Finals, Monday 6th May 2019 at Esher RFC

Match No. Teams Score Winner
Walking Rugby Esher V Guildfordians 4-7 Guildfordians
1 Surrey President’s BowlFinal Old Suttonians 1s V Merton 1s 27-26 Old Suttonians 1s
2 Surrey Treasurers BowlFinal Egham Hollowegians 1s V Raynes Park 1s 43-31 Egham Hollowegians 1s
3 Surrey Shield Final Old Walcountians 1s V Old Freemen’s 1s 18-13 Old Walcountians 1s
4 Surrey Tankard Final Wimbledon 3s V Camberley 2s 34-12 Wimbledon 3s
5 Surrey Cup Final Weybridge Vandals 1s V Old Mid Whitgiftians 31-25 Weybridge Vandals 1s
6 Surrey Chairman’s Bowl Final Croydon 1s V London Media 1s 10-53 London Media 1s
7 Surrey Universities Challenge X Pitch 7s Males Surrey University 2s V Roehampton University 1s NA Surrey University 2s
8 Surrey Universities Challenge X Pitch 7s Males Surrey University 2s V Roehampton University 1s NA Surrey University 2s
Incentive FM’s Charity Ball raises £12k

Incentive FM’s Charity Ball raises £12k

Incentive FM’s annual Charity Ball has raised over £12,000 for its chosen charities, Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Cash for Kids.

Held last week in Sheffield at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Sheffield Park, the event attracted around 200 guests from the facilities management sector and wider business community.

The ball, now in its fifth consecutive year, was hosted by Incentive FM and included a blind and silent charity auction, raffle, three-course meal, magician, and live entertainment.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is dedicated to supporting bereaved children who have lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces and Cash for Kids works to provide underprivileged and sick children in local communities with a brighter future.

Glenn Wilson, Operations Director at Incentive FM Limited, said: 

“This is the fifth year that we have hosted the Ball and we are thrilled with how successful it continues to be and gives us great pride to support out two chosen charities, who are close to everyone’s heart at Incentive, so it’s great to contribute to such worthy causes.”

Incentive FM has secured a new five-year contract with Bluewater.

Incentive FM has secured a new five-year contract with Bluewater.

Incentive FM has secured a new five-year contract with retail and leisure destination Bluewater.

This deal follows “the operational delivery and strategic management of the contract for the last three years”.

Under its terms, Incentive FM will continue to deliver a full portfolio of security, cleaning, mechanical and electrical, concierge, landscaping, and management and administration services at Bluewater, which covers 240 acres at Stone in Kent.

Since the start of the strategic partnership with Bluewater, Incentive FM has consistently adapted its services to fulfil the centre’s needs.

This has included providing innovative solutions, continuous improvement and added value by engaging with – and supporting – development of the skill set of the 300-strong team working on site.

Incentive FM has a long affiliation with Bluewater, working in the early days before the centre opened as FM consultant and adviser to the landlord.

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Incentive Charity Motorcycle Run

Incentive Charity Motorcycle Run

Incentive FM Group will be raising money for Scotty’s little soldiers with a sponsored Motorcycle Run from Rykas, Box Hill to Loomies, West Meon, on Friday 24th May 2019.

Each rider participating is required to raise a  £150 minimum donation. (and we aim for 50 riders!) to help those participating or to start fundraising for Scotty’s little Soldiers see our Everday Hero page

For full details of the motorcycle run please visit Incentive Motorcycle Run Leaflet

Jamie Wright Cleaning Up

Jamie Wright Cleaning Up

Growing Up
I suppose it is fair to say that cleaning is in my blood. When I was 10 years old my dad set up his cleaning business in our kitchen at home and woe betide us if we didn’t answer the phone professionally saying. “Hello, Quality Assured Services, how can I help you?” As I got older, in the school holidays I was roped in to help with telemarketing and after a short ‘rebellion’ when I worked in banking, I was back in the family firm when I was 20 learning the business from the ground up.

All Change
In 2009 Dad sold the business to Incentive FM Group, the UK’s leading independent facilities management company, that was looking to extend the range of services it could self-deliver. This introduced me to a new corporate world and I was lucky to be able to spend time in different areas of the business gaining valuable insight into the broader world of FM and most importantly, how cleaning best fitted into the equation.

I became Managing Director at Incentive QAS in 2016 by which time I felt I had really earned my stripes. Anyone who knows the senior team at IFM Group will know that I wasn’t a shoe in for the role because of my dad, in fact I had to work harder to prove my worth. Although little did I know that it was now that the hard work would really begin!

View from the Top
Let’s just fast forward for a moment to the present day where our turnover has trebled in the last three years. Has it been easy? No. Has it been fun? Absolutely.

So how did we do it?
The most obvious thing, but possibly the hardest, was that we had to retain and increase the contracts we already had. We did lose a couple as unfortunately we operate in a very price sensitive market and often clients think that the grass is greener elsewhere. In 2016, just after I took over as MD, our two largest contracts were up for re-tender. This was a worrying time as both contracts equated to almost half our turnover and they were crucial to our business. Luckily, we were able to not only retain them both but also increase our remit substantially, which gave us both the confidence and a strong foundation from which to move forward.

We recruited a Commercial Director and implemented a proper sales strategy for the first time. This involved taking grown up decisions to walk away from some long-standing contracts that just weren’t profitable. We also stopped cold calling and basically bidding on absolutely everything that was out there. Instead we sat down and worked out what we were good at which was quality service, so we took the decision to focus on high end buildings and locations, particularly in London. Our ongoing partnership with managing agents and large prestigious properties proved to be a good reference point.

We also looked at broadening the range of services we offer to include specialist cleaning and started to introduce more technology and eco products. The Group also acquired two successful window cleaning companies – SWC and ARL – which were integrated giving us another string to our bow.

Of course, as with every business, getting the right people on board was important but getting them to work as a team was more important. In our sector the senior managers tend to be seconded to specific buildings and/or locations, therefore operating in silos. They rarely see anyone other than their direct line manager, so we implemented regular get togethers, both for training and for social events and have encouraged the team to share problems and successes and learn from each other. This has been incredibly successful and completely changed the way we operate. It also supports our approach to employee engagement which follows that of the IFM Group in embracing “freedom within a framework” which is designed to empower our people.

Moving Forward
This year we have a number of great opportunities in the pipeline with both new and existing clients. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and are committed to meeting them. We are also aware that traditionally cleaning has been viewed as the poor relation in the FM World – often provided just as a bolt on to the main event. We are determined to change this perception.

Incentive QAS is the contract cleaning arm of the Incentive FM Group, with annual sales in excess of £18 million and employing 800 staff around the country.

Incentive FM has achieved SIA “Pacesetter” status

Incentive FM has achieved SIA “Pacesetter” status

Incentive FM has achieved “Pacesetter” status under the UK Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), after being benchmarked in the top 15 per cent of 830 accredited security guarding companies.

The ACS Pacesetters scheme was introduced to simplify the tender process for end-users by emphasising the importance of benchmarked scores in an annual assessment of security providers.

Commenting on the announcement, Glenn Wilson, Incentive FM operations director, said:

“We have worked hard to deliver the results needed to become part of this elite club.

A fantastic 11 per cent year-on-year audit score increase exceeded the target we set ourselves and this recognition is extremely important to us in a vital part of the FM sector. It will give both existing and potential customers a clear sign of the excellent service we provide and reassure our staff that we are a good and caring employer.”

The Nottingham Building Society Renews Contract With Incentive FM

The Nottingham Building Society Renews Contract With Incentive FM

Nottingham Building Society (NBS) has renewed its contract with Incentive FM for a further 3-year term which includes the remit to include its recently expanded network. The deal is worth in excess of £4 million and builds on a 16-year partnership that has consistently delivered high standards and improved efficiencies.

Under the new contract Incentive FM, one of the UK’s leading independent facilities management companies, will continue to handle the facilities management for all NBS locations, constituting over 68 buildings located in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Staffordshire and South Yorkshire.

The fully integrated solution includes all cleaning, security, M&E, building fabrication and maintenance services. In addition, Incentive FM will support all health and safety, fire safety, and water safety requirements across the portfolio. The operation will continue to be supported by a web hosted CAFM help desk system (Concept Evolution) to enable all personnel access to information about asset management and service requirements to further improve communication flows.

Tim Neal, Premises & Facilities Manager at NBS, said:

“It is important that our building portfolio is efficiently managed, creating a good environment for both our staff and customers. Over the past 16 years Incentive FM has proven that they not only understand the importance of this but also have the skills and knowledge to achieve it to support our ongoing growth.”

Glenn Wilson, Operations Director at Incentive Facilities FM, said:

“This contract renewal and extension demonstrates our ability to form long term relationships, delivering ongoing improvements and driving up standards.”

The Incentive FM Leadership Team tackle Ben Nevis

The Incentive FM Leadership Team tackle Ben Nevis

The Incentive FM Leadership Team have now completed preparations for our ‘Twin Peaks’ charity hike this year.

In March 2018 we took on the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon which we took in our stride and raised £4,748 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers. So this year we thought we would go one better and :

Double the Mountain, Double the Altitude, Double the Smiles

On May 2019 were hiking up Ben Nevis which is 4,412 ft to the summit and we set off at midnight and walk in the darkness for 6-7 hours, then driving to the Lake District to Climb Scafell Pike which is 3,210ft to the summit and takes about 5 hours. Once again we are raising money for our charity partner Scotty’s Little Soldiers and our target is double the amount we raised climbing up Snowden. We’re aiming to raise £9,496

Incentive FM Group – Brexit Update

Incentive FM Group – Brexit Update

As a business we continue to keep fully up to date with the probable and possible impacts of the UK’s decision to leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

EU Settlement Scheme – As mentioned in previous updates our primary concerns has always been for our staff from the other 27 EU nations that work hard in our business and for our clients every day. The uncertainty the Brexit process has provided over the last few years has been both unwelcome and unsettling for all. I am pleased to see that today the government has launched the pilot scheme for the right to apply for ‘settled status’ for anyone from the EU who has lived and worked in the UK for 5 years. This will be extended to anyone with less than 5 years through the ‘pre settled’ process right up until the end of December 2020. The government has announced this afternoon that all applications for both will be without a fee and I would encourage all of our staff to apply when the full scheme opens on 30th March 2019. Any of our staff that need help with the process will be supported by both local and national management where required. It will be good for all to have this major issues finally resolved and we can have certainty that the rights of our staff to stay and work with us in the UK are fully protected.

Supply Chain & Legislation – I recently chaired a meeting of my Group Leadership Team in which the supply of goods and services from the EU to us was reviewed to ensure that our clients will not be impacted by any version of a no deal or managed Brexit. I was pleased to hear that, as expected, there will be limited impact or no impact from a managed exit and there is also limited risk with a no deal outcome. We have no major exposure on supply chain and where our suppliers are sourcing products from the EU we have had confirmation that where necessary mitigation planning has occurred to ensure consistent supply. We have had little or no increases in cost directly associated with this planning and we will work with our supply partners to mitigate in this area.

The unknown – Obviously the planning we have made and the areas we have considered are the known areas. It is very difficult for us to plan for all eventualities as many of the scenarios are unknown at this time. For instance we believe there will be either a delayed or orderly exit from the EU and therefore at this point we have not considered the impact of major unknowns such the impact on the wider economy, the currency exchange rates, interest rates etc. There are then the more extreme outcome such as civil unrest which at this point we have decided not to plan for. I think like all other businesses we will have to deal with these changes and scenarios if and when they occur or plan when we have further clarity of the direction the exit will take.

Our number one concern over Brexit was always the impact the process would have on the talented people who work for us. The process last two years has been unsettling not only for our staff from the EU but also their colleagues from the UK and wider world. We will continue to monitor the progress of the exit process and its likely impact on our staff, our business and the services we supply to our clients. We will give further updates as and when any significant relevant information is available.